Hallmark World School

Kaptainganj, Kushinagar, UP - 274301
Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. Affiliation No: 2132477


Play is the highest phase of a child’s development. It gives a child joy, freedom, contentment, inner and outer rest and results in harmony and peace with the world. Going with our school’s motto our co-curricular programmes are designed to channel children’s energy in various activities of self expression. It aims to develop all those capacities in children which enables them to control their environment and fulfill their possibilities and also gives vent to their excess energies. Our Primary and Middle section take on Saturday as Hobby day. After a week of studies they indulge in various stimulating activities which bring out their hidden creative talents. As they explore their creativity it is truly overwhelming to see them surprise themselves as they discover new talents in unknown territories. Who knows how many Picassos and Leonardo Da Vincis are hidden in the confines of these young minds!